Tour of Park Güell

A guided tour of Park Güell

Visit the world's most colourful and fanciful park, one of Gaudí's modernist masterpieces in Barcelona!

Park Güell Barcelona

Visit one of the most striking and unusual parks in the world, designed by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, and admire the spectacular views of Barcelona from its multi-coloured terraces.   Whatever you do, don't miss out on a visit to Park Güell, it will amaze you, just as it has amazed so many thousands of tourists before you! Thanks to the shared Tour of Park Güell, you will be able to visit one of Barcelona's most iconic locations and one of the most original places in the world, in the company of a local guide!  With a cost of just €28.00 per person, your tickets will include fast-track access and a guided tour lasting one and a half hours!  Book your shared tour now on the booking form on this page.

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Bear in mind that:

  •   An Adult ticket costs €28.00.  Children aged between 0-6 years can enter the park free of charge;
  •   Duration of the guided tour: around 90 minutes;
  •   At the end of the guided tour, you can stay for as long as you like, admiring the spectacular views of Barcelona from on high;
  •   English speaking tours are available every day of the week at 12 AM;
  •   Park Güell is an unparalleled attraction which utterly amazes every visitor;
  •   The multi-coloured Catalan mosaics, the 86 columns in the Hypostyle room and the dragon's staircase provide a truly unique setting, unlike anything you will ever have seen before.

What to expect from your guided tour

Choosing a guided tour will enable you to access the park quickly without wasting time in the sometimes lengthy queues at the entrance as well as having the opportunity to learn about the park's history and its curiosities in a simple and fun manner.  The guide will direct the group towards the Monumental Zone of Park Güell whilst relating the intimate details of its construction right from the start of the initial project through to its completion.  During the guided tour, you will be able to see: 

  • The majestic dragon's double staircase, thus named because of the famous dragon that lies at the bottom of the stairs and which has become a symbol of the city.
  • The large main square whose perimeter is defined by the sea serpent bench which is made out of ceramic tiles
  • The Hypostyle Room in which you can admire the 86 doric columns in the form of a tree.

The tour will last about an hour and a half and at the end, visitors will then be free to wander around the park and take photos whilst enjoying the fabulous views of Barcelona from on high.  By booking the Tour of Park Güell, you can be assured of enjoying your experience in the company of a professional tourist guide who speaks your language.

How to buy tickets on-line

  • Select the date on the calendar on which you would like to make your visit; 
  • Indicate the number of people (whether adults or children);
  • Remember to check the timings that are available for tours in English;  
  • Complete your booking by filling out your personal details;  
  • Receive immediate email confirmation of your booking request; 
  • Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email confirmation that you would need to print off and bring with you on the day of your visit. 

What's included

  •   Entry tickets with "Skip the Queue" feature;
  •   Guided tour lasting 90 minutes + unlimited time in which to continue exploring the park;
  •   Guided tour of the basilica + the museum and the facades;
  •   Product Code: TOU-PG;
  •   Tours in English are available daily at 12 AM.