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London, a place that needs no introduction, is an extraordinary and multicultural metropolis that captures the imagination of anyone who visits it. With its rich history and cosmopolitan atmosphere, the British capital offers a unique experience that goes far beyond its iconic monuments and picturesque streets.

For centuries, London has played a central role in world history, welcoming great personalities, important events and cultural influences that have shaped its unique identity. From majestic royal residences to the modern City skyline, every corner of the city tells a fascinating story. Art, fashion, music and theatre pulsate in the veins of London, which continues to be a beacon of creativity and innovation. From the vibrant markets of Covent Garden to the trendy streets of Shoreditch, each neighborhood offers a different and compelling experience. In this dynamic context, exploring London with a tour guide becomes a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in its cultural richness and discover hidden gems that otherwise might escape unprepared visitors. The English Guide to London aims to reveal the secrets of the city, offering an exciting journey through its history, culture and cosmopolitan liveliness. Below you can find the various prices available to customers, which vary according to the time of day and the type of tour desired.



  • Prices for the morning tour - from 9:00 to 12.30
    1. Adults (from 16 ): £44
    2. Bambini (6-15): £29
    3. Bambini (0-5 ): Free
  • Prices for the evening tour - from 14.00 to 17.30
    1. Adulti (dai 16 anni): £44
    2. Bambini (6-15 anni): £29
    3. Bambini (0-5 anni): Free
  • Prices for the whole tour (whole day) - from 9.00 to 17.30
    1. Adults (dai 16 anni): £73
    2. Children (6-15 anni): £43
    3. Children(0-5 anni): Free

Explore London in comfort

Choosing a travel guide in London is the best decision for a complete and rich experience in the British capital. Travel planning becomes an art when trusted to a local expert who, with a thorough knowledge of the city, is able to suggest personalized itineraries, taking into account your interests and the time available. Opting for a guided tour in the early days of your stay gives you the opportunity to get valuable advice on what to visit in the following days, allowing you to discover even the most hidden and authentic gems of London, places that often escape the improvised tourists. The tour guide also becomes a linguistic ally, offering the convenience of communicating in English and ensuring that no interesting information is lost in the local language. This advantage becomes especially significant when it comes to getting advice on the best places to eat, experience local cuisine and fully experience the London food scene. With an Italian tour guide, you will have access to personalized recommendations, which will allow you to savor the true culinary essence of the city.

Moreover, the guide is a valuable companion to explore the most representative places of London, providing historical and cultural insights that enrich your understanding of the city. Experiencing London through the eyes of an experienced guide means immersing yourself in an authentic and lively dimension, going beyond a simple tourist visit to embrace the unique soul of the British metropolis. Opting for this service, therefore, is essential for those who wish not only to visit the city, but to experience it in a complete and authentic way.


Why not let a tour guide advise you?

  • Speak your language;
  • Fast track!
  • In a couple of hours, you'll discover more than you would a whole day on your own
  • Choose what you want to visit


Convenience and Freedom

The convenience of a tourist guide service in your language, coupled with the freedom of being able to choose what, where and when you want to use the guide service is the perfect solution for visitors to Paris. In fact, on the booking form you can: choose the duration of your tour, personalise your itinerary(or let yourself be advised by the experts), choose the time you want and a meeting point of your choice. If you wish, you can also request that the guide comes to meet you wherever you are staying. Just state your preferences on the booking form and we'll take care of the rest.

What can I visit with a local tourist guide?

The tour proposed in the service " an English Guide in Paris" also allows for guided tours of Montmartre, La Défense and Le Marais, Île de la Cité and many other itineraries which can be chosen in conjunction with the customer such as the world-famous Museum of the Louvre. Montmartre is an elevated area of the city (mostly on a hill) that is situated to the north of this famous capital and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Then there is also the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur which, until the end of the Belle Époque era was also used as a theatre and the area was a popular hub for some of the most famous bohemian artists who lived in Paris. Through these streets, artists of the calibre of Van Gogh, Modigliani and Picasso were a familiar sight and have left indelible clues to their passing in the capital's most famous neighbourhood. The area of La Défense has a more recent history and is less typically Parisian but, that doesn't mean that the area isn't still worth a visit.

As one of the largest business districts in Europe, with its eye-catching skyscrapers, this area of the city is home to the head-quarters of some of the world's largest companies. There is also an infinite number of shopping centres and trendy neighbourhoods with an array of futuristic buildings. You will be surprised by their enormity and their quirkiness. This neighbourhood is also home to a variety of works by contemporary artists which include some vast statues and of course, the famous Grande Arche of La Défense, a truly spectacular architectural work.

Also, why not pay a visit to the Le Marais district? This is the grand Drawing Room of Paris, an area that is still home to some of the most beautiful and historic buildings which belonged to the city's aristocracy. It is also the site of several important museums, such as the Picasso Museum, for example, fashionable shops, Victor Hugo's house and historic squares such as the Places des Vosges and one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe where you can sample traditional dishes from the Jewish culture. And to finish, how could you miss out on a stroll along the streets of the Île de la Cité?

In this true and beating heart of historic Paris you will find the Hotel de Ville, the Municipality, the Seine and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Palace of Justice which was the residence of several of the French kings who occupied the Palace in one form or another for several centuries. Then there is the famous triangular sqaure, Place Dauphine, and of course, the world-famous Louvre in addition to so many other wonders that can be admired across the French capital.

Why should you choose a local guide?

  •   Local experience: A local guide will be familiar with all the beautiful places as well as knowing about some of the city's hidden gems;
  • Avoid queues: Skip the long queues at major attractions, maximizing your time of discovery rather than waiting.
  • Personalised itinerary: Enjoy the freedom to custom your itinerary to your interests and needs, ensuring an experience to suit your preferences.
  •  Access to hidden places: let yourself be led off the beaten path, revealing hidden gems and lesser known places that will enrich your journey.
  • Efficient communication: Eliminate any language barrier, ensuring clear and easy communication.
  •        Restaurant tips: Take advantage of the best restaurant recommendations and enjoy authentic, local cuisine during your stay.

Some ideas on London places not to be missed

Exploring London with the support of a tour guide is an immersive journey where each attraction reveals deeper layers of history and culture. We start with the majestic Palace of Buckingham, the Queen’s official residence, where a guide turns the visit into a dynamic experience, telling not only the history of the palace, but also offering advice on when to watch the spectacular changing of the guard. The Tower of London, with its story full of mystery and royal intrigue, comes alive through the words of a guide who leads visitors within its walls, revealing stories of monarchs, prisoners and showing the priceless collection of Crown Jewels. The British Museum, a cultural treasure, comes to life with a tour guide that guides guests through exhibits from around the world. Each piece on display becomes an open window on history. Head to the grand St Paul’s Cathedral, where a guide reveals the architectural details and stories of famous events, like the coronation the kings or queens. The visit thus turns into a time travel through British history. Finally, climbing the London Eye, the panoramic experience becomes even more extraordinary with the passionate narratives of a guide.

Each skyline and monument becomes even more significant, with fascinating stories about the city unfolding at every turn of the wheel. Together, these attractions turn the guided tour into a vibrant and detailed chapter in London’s history.

Official guide

The English Tourist Guide service is the service of excellence to explore the best attractions in London. Certified by the European Union and highly specialised, each guide offers in-depth and passionate historical and cultural knowledge.

With a fixed fee, which can be split between your group’s participants, the Guide makes exploring London a personalized and accessible experience. For updated prices and reservations, fill out the form on this page without obligation.

Unofficial guides may not meet all the needs of tourists. Lack of official certification may affect confidence in the information provided. Moreover, without standard regulations, the quality of services is much lower. Some tourists may find it difficult to assess professionalism prior to booking, increasing the risk of disappointing experiences. The lack of fixed tariffs could lead to complex negotiations and potentially higher costs than official guides with transparent tariffs.

Common questions and answers


Tour prices vary by duration and time of day. For example, the morning tour costs £44 for adults, while the full tour (full day) is £73. You can consult the booking page for updated details.
The official guides are certified by the European Union, offering in-depth knowledge and a genuine passion for London. In addition, communication in Italian eliminates language barriers, and fixed prices offer transparency and flexibility.
Absolutely! The guide offers the possibility to customize the itinerary according to your interests, ensuring a tailor-made experience and the inclusion of hidden gems.
By booking in the first days, you will receive valuable tips for your next autonomous visits, allowing you to discover the authentic gems of London and maximize your experience.
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