How to get from Gatwick to London

How to get from Gatwick to London

Comparison of transport systems from Gatwick (LGW) to London

Gatwick Airport is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) south of central London and started as an aerodrome in the 1920s, opening officially in 1936. The airport ranks consistently among the busiest in the UK and Europe, being a primary gateway for both domestic and international travelers. The airport's North Terminal and South Terminal collectively cater to millions of passengers annually. Passenger numbers routinely exceed tens of millions, underscoring its fundamental role in linking people from various corners of the globe. Even though it is served by many airline companies, such as British Airways, easyJet, and TUI Airways, Gatwick's commitment to being green is very strong and important.

This article will give to travelers all the information and details they need to know about all the transportation methods available to get from Gatwick to London city center. The big variety of transportation options available are able to meet specific individual preferences and needs. Among these methods there are: both private and public taxis, airport shuttles, train services, and buses. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but the best choice is to book a private taxi in advance, since this service can satisfy any request.

Despite common beliefs, private taxi transfers can be very affordable, especially for long trips from the airport to the city center and for large groups. To book, just fill out the online form on our Gatwick Airport Taxi page.

 Route by car from Gatwick airport (LGW) to London: around 63 km (39 miles) from the city center


Comparison between different means of transport

Private taxi


  • 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Available: 24/7, every day of the year



  • 40 minutes
  • Available: every 30/60 minutes



  • 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Available: every 30/60 minutes

From Gatwick airport to central London by private taxi

Firstly, it's important to understand the main differences between a private taxi and a public taxi.

With a private taxi, the customer is provided with the advantage of knowing the price upfront, which ensures they won't encounter unexpected charges or scams and allows them to plan a budget. Additionally, private taxi drivers hold official licenses, ensuring their professionalism and expertise. Passengers won't have to stand in queues at the airport, and even if their flight is delayed, the driver will wait for an additional hour, without any extra-charge.

The service is characterized by its comfort and punctuality, and it includes an emergency contact number for any potential issues. Private taxis also stand out because the driver waits inside the airport with a sign showing the customer's name. They help passengers with their luggage and take them directly to the vehicle.

Conversely, when choosing a public taxi, customers are often left uncertain about the final cost of the ride, as it can be subject to change. Drivers might not have the same level of professionalism as their private counterparts and, in some cases, could lack the required licenses, potentially affecting the passenger's overall experience.

How much does a private taxi from Gatwick to London cost?

Below, it is shown the normal price for a private taxi transfer from Gatwick to London city center. Anyway, it is important to remember that this price may change depending on the time of the day and the number of passengers. In order to know the correct price, it is possible to fill in the online form at our Gatwick Airport Taxi page.

Prices for Private Taxis

The price starts from 110£ (27£ for each person) for a 4-seater private vehicle.

How the Taxi Service at a fixed price works

The service is available 24/7, every day of the year

 Book in advance online by filling in the online form.

The service is available 24/7, every day of the year

Pay everything in advance

 Pay the whole amount in advance in order to fix the price. Avoid uncomfortable payments in cash.

Pick up inside Gatwick Airport

 The customer will avoid any queue: the driver in charge of the service will wait inside the airport, in the arrivals hall, with a sign with the passenger's name and surname.

Pick up inside Gatwick Airport

Average journey time is 1 hour and 30 minutes

 Once inside the taxi, enjoy your trip through London street in complete comfort.

The advantages of a Private Taxi service

Private taxi services do not use the taximeter, so the price that the customer chooses while booking will not change depending on traffic conditions or route chosen. This allows the passenger to avoid the stress of extra hidden fees.

Tips about the taxi service

Book in advance

To ensure a smooth experience, it's highly recommended to make the reservation at least 24 hours before the pick-up time, otherwise the provider will not be able to guarantee the availability of drivers. The customer has the convenience of booking online, seven days a week. Alternatively, for those who prefer personal assistance, the Customer Service is active from 09:00 to 17:00, offering support in many languages, including English, Spanish and Italian.

Inside the airport

For those who land at the Gatwick airport, the meeting point with their driver is inside the airport, in the arrivals hall, after having collected the luggage. This procedure is a time saver, because it makes the transaction from the airport to the vehicle much faster and easier. For those who want to reach the airport from the city center, the meeting point will be the one selected during the booking process.

Pay in advance

The payment is to be done in advance, in order to fix the price. It is possible to use credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, so there will be no need to withdraw money and use cash. The driver will not accept any payment in any form.

Flight delays/cancellation

It is of crucial importance that the customer warns the driver in charge of the service about the delay/cancellation as soon as possible, by sending a message to the phone number received both by e-mail and SMS. The driver will do his best to carry out the service and wait for the passenger to bring them to the final destination.

Airport taxi from Gatwick to central London

Trust a professional and punctual service, offered by an experienced driver. The price is fixed and the service is available 24/7, every day of the year.


From Gatwick to the customer's accommodation in central London by train

For those seeking a swift and seamless connection between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria Station, the Gatwick Express stands out as a dedicated train service. This specialized route serves as a fast and convenient passage between the airport and the heart of the city. With its non-stop journey, the service minimizes travel time by exclusively stopping at these two crucial points.

Even though the Gatwick Express offers a direct route, it is nearly always necessary to change the transport means in order to get to the stop closest to the passenger's accommodation. In fact, those who arrive at the station have to choose between buses or metros to reach their destination. The change can be quite uncomfortable, in particular for travelers who have big luggages or young children. Anyway, it is always possible to book in advance a private taxi from Victoria Station to the final destination.

Map of the route on the Gatwick Express from the airport to London Victoria Station

Essential information


Prices for the Gatwick Express

Ticket prices for this particular train service can vary based on factors such as the time of booking, whether it's a single or return ticket, and any applicable discounts. The cost is around 20£ per person, but it is recommended to visit the official Gatwick Express website to check the correct prices and any changes.

Journey time with the Gatwick Express

The journey time on the Gatwick Express is approximately 30 minutes.


The Gatwick Express usually runs every 30/40 minutes. The service typically operates from early morning until late evening. The first train from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport is around 5:00 AM, and the last one from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria departs around midnight.

The advantages of using the Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express offers a direct and non-stop route between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria Station. This significantly reduces travel time compared to other transportation options.

Useful tips for using the Gatwick Express

Book in advance

To secure the seat on the Gatwick Express, it is advisable booking the tickets in advance online, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

Check the schedule

Before heading to the station, it is better to double-check the schedule to ensure there are no changes in the departure times.

Arrive early

It's advisable to arrive at the station a bit early, especially during peak travel times and in particular for those who have not purchased the ticket in advance. This gives the traveler enough time to buy tickets, find the correct platform, and board the train comfortably, avoiding as much as possible any last-minute rush.

Luggage considerations

The Gatwick Express offers luggage racks and designated storage spaces on board, but it's a good idea to travel light, if possible.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on station announcements, digital displays, and platform indicators for real-time updates on train arrivals, departures, and any changes.

From Gatwick to central London by bus

For travelers seeking a convenient and efficient way to reach the heart of London from Gatwick Airport, one primary transportation option stands out: the National Express. This renowned company provides a network of bus services that cater to the diverse needs of passengers, offering a comfortable journey from the airport to the city center.

It is important to remember that public buses are shared services, and as such they might not be the best choice for all the travelers. Some people, in fact, prefer to have a private transfer and to personally choose the pick-up and drop-off location, in order to avoid the stress of looking for the correct bus stop with heavy luggage and the uncertainty of bus schedules.

Route by bus from Gatwick airport to London City center

General information


Prices for the bus

Ticket prices for the National Express service can vary based on factors such as the time of booking, type of ticket, and any available discounts. Generally, booking in advance online tends to offer better fares compared to purchasing tickets on the spot.

Journey time

The journey time for buses from Gatwick Airport to the city center of London can vary depending on traffic conditions and the specific route taken. On average, the travel usually takes from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Bus schedules

National Express typically runs regularly, offering many departures during the day. The frequency can range from every 30 minutes to every hour, depending on the time of day. The buses are operative from early in the morning until the late evening.

Bus stops

National Express services include stops at various locations in London, depending on the specific route. Some important stops in London that these buses should cover include Victoria Coach Station, and other well-connected locations like Marble Arch and Paddington Station.

Bus appearance

National Express buses are typically large and modern vehicles equipped with comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and power outlets. They are often easily recognizable by their distinct blue and white livery.

The advantages of using the National Express

The company boasts an extensive network of routes that connect various cities, towns, and airports across the UK. This coverage ensures that travelers have many options for reaching their desired destinations conveniently.

Useful advices when using the National Express

Advance Booking

To ensure availability, it is important to book the tickets in advance. Early booking often comes with discounted rates and the assurance of a seat on your preferred coach.

Arrive Early

Arriving at the bus station a bit earlier than the scheduled departure time allows the traveler to complete ticketing procedures, and find the correct stop.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on any possible changes to travel plans by checking the National Express website or contacting their customer service.

Questions and Answers regarding the different mode of transportation from Gatwick airport

Gatwick Airport is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) south of central London.

Transport from Gatwick to London

 Trust a professional and punctual service, offered by an experienced driver. The price is fixed and the service is available 24/7, every day of the year.