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Tickets for the Eiffel Tower

Turn your visit to the Eiffel Tower into a unique experience with a tourist guide.  Jump the queues at the entrance with electronic tickets and enjoy listening to the history of this iconic building from an expert guide whilst you admire the city of Paris from on high with its stunning views that are both sensational and unique.

At the time when the Eiffel Tower was built and for many years afterwards, it was the largest monument in the world.  Just imagine what breath-taking views can be enjoyed from its vertiginous heights!  In the present day, it has lost its title as the world's highest monument but, it has become the world's most visited and one of the most loved in Europe.  Visiting this amazing feat of engineering accompanied by a guide will turn your visit into a unique experience that will fill your head and your heart with special memories to take home.

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Bear in mind that:

  •   Adult tickets start from €69.90;
  •   Average duration of a visit : 90 minutes;
  •   Entry without having to queue (apart from at the compulsory security checks);
  •   Tickets available immediately on your smartphone;
  •   In order to check availability, have a look at the calendar on the right;
  •   Groups of maximum 20 people;
  •   Before going up the tower you will need to store your bags and back-packs due to security reasons;
  •   You can choose to have a guided tour on the second and final floors; 
  •   It is advisable to buy the entry passes in advance. 


By buying this ticket, you will be able to visit the Eiffel Tower with a native guide who will make your visit to this iconic Parisian monument both fun and informative.  The stories and the anecdotes that you will hear will enrich your experience and will enable you to take home some unique memories of your visit to Paris.  In addition to this, once you arrive at the top of the "Iron Lady," you will be able to enjoy a view like no other in the world as you admire the famous and spectacular views across Montmartre, the famous artists' neighbourhood, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and much more.  So, what are you waiting for?  Book now in order to secure the dates you want and forget about the queues!   

How to book tickets on-line 

  •  You will find two calendars on this page: one is for booking guided tours of the second floor and the other is for a guided tour of the top level;
  •  After having chosen the type of ticket you want, check on the calendar that the dates you want are available for a guided tour; 
  •  Select the required time and click on the icon "Book Now."  
  •  Select the number of tickets you want to book; 
  •  Secure your booking information or log-in with Facebook or Google; 
  •  Pay for the tickets via your preferred method and receive your tickets immediately in your inbox; 
  •  On the day of your visit, just show the tickets on your smartphone at the entry and you will avoid the queues at the ticket office.

What is included 

  •   Entry passes avoiding the queues; 
  •   A guided tour in English lasting 90 minutes;  
  •   Reserved access for the second and final floors (you can choose the type of access you want);
  •   Headphones so that you don't miss a single detail; 
  •   Faster passage through the security controls; 
  •   Product Code: TCK-TW;
  •   Available every day;