Orly Airport Shuttle

Orly Airport Shuttle

Travel without any worries and save money with the shared shuttle service 

Orly Airport ShuttleForget about the stresses and strains of having to wait around, exchanging currencies and the exhausting searches for the correct line in which to queue. Opt for something uncomplicated on your holiday and choose to be taken to your accommodation in Paris by a professional and punctual driver. Whichever terminal you are coming in to at Orly Airport, a driver will be waiting for you in front of the information point and will accompany you to wherever you are staying in Paris or any other destination that you may require.  Leave the stress of struggling with suitcases behind you as you won't have to drag them from one stop to another.  Just load them into the car and relax!  The driver will leave you right at the door of your accommodation, whether that is a private house, a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast - it doesn't make any difference - you can choose any destination within the confines of the city.

The Best Service

  Save Money: from 9 euro for person;

  Average transfer duration: 60 minutes;

  Shared service with up to 8 passengers;

  Shuttle service to accommodation in Disneyland.

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Useful Information 

Orly is the second largest airport in Paris after Charles de Gaulle Airport, both in size and for the number of annual flights. The larger the airport, the greater the range of services and the number of terminals inside the buildings in order to provide the best possible experience for travellers who are passing through.  Because of this, Orly Airport has numerous places in which to recharge your batteries and access information throughout its three terminals.  Booking a shuttle service also means not wasting valuable time inside these large airport buildings: if you are worried about a possible language barrier, trying to find the right means of transport inside such a vast structure can involve a lot of time and effort.  By using the shuttle service, you will find your driver in front of the exit doors of your terminal, (or in front of the information desk), and you will avoid running around aimlesslly inside the terminal building.  It is important to wait for the driver at the agreed meeting point, (which you will find in the email confirming your booking), and not to leave the building.  This will enable the driver to register the passengers more quickly and also speed up your transportation from the airport building. Start your holidays calmly and easily with the Orly Airport shuttle service: let yourself be transported around the city by a driver who knows it like the back of his hand.   

Why should you choose the shuttle?

Arrange your transfers with an easy, quick transfer at a fixed price with guaranteed savings: choose the shared shuttle service to and from Orly Airport.  Travel in a relaxed fashion from the airport to your accommodation in central Paris and vice versa.  Start your long awaited holiday in the best possible way by choosing to use the shuttle service and leave everything else up to your driver!

How the Orly Airport shuttle service works 

We guarantee all reservations that have been made with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of the scheduled transfer time.  Our service will also guarantee transfers for single passengers!  That being said, our vehicles can accommodate up to 8 people but, depending on demand, it may be that passengers are put into a second vehicle and in some instances, this may mean that they are not sharing with other travellers.  The service is really very simple: a professional and experienced driver will be waiting for the passengers in front of the information point and will accompany them to their accommodation or whatever destination has been specified at the time of booking.  In this way, the suitcases, the various means of public transport, bus stops and distant metro stops, will no longer be a problem as you will arrive smoothly and comfortably at your destination.  How will you recognise your driver?  It will be the same driver who will ask for the name in which the booking was made when you meet each other at the information desk.  You don't need to print off your booking, confirmation of the name in which the booking is held will suffice.  For those who are travelling with their family, it is unquestionably the easiest and most convenient way to organise a transfer from and to Orly Airport. In fact, by booking the shuttle, you will be able to travel with your children without bothering them with tedious changes on public transport and the cost of the children's car seat is always included in the price.  We guarantee to provide carefree transfers, so you don't get tired, and an extremely punctual service. You can book your shuttle 24 hours per day by filling the form in our web page, but we guarantee to provide a customer service, which operates from Monday to Saturday in your language!  

Getting to the airport with the shuttle service 

The return journey with the shuttle works exactly the same way as with a taxi service except that you will be sharing the vehicle with other travellers.  A driver will collect you from where you are staying and will take you right to the door of whichever Terminal your flight is departing from.  Because we are talking about a service that is shared with other travellers and because of the significant volumes of traffic in the capital, the pick-up time must be at least 3 hours before the departure time of your flight for flights leaving from Orly and Charles de Gaulle.  For example, if your flight departs from Orly at 12:00, you should book the pick-up for 09:00 at the latest.  On the day of departure, the driver will send you a message with the exact collection time, (for example, at 09:15), after having calculated the best route for collecting all the passengers.  When a return journey is also booked, the client will immediately receive a small discount on the return fare.   

How to book the shuttle service

In order to book the shuttle service, you will be asked for: 

  • Date and time of pick-up 
  • Number of passengers
  • The address of where you are staying or the destination to which you are going
  • A small deposit is payable by credit card  
  • The balance will be payable to the driver in cash 

In order to lock in your booking, it will be necessary to pay a small deposit either via credit card or with a prepaid card.  We guarantee secure payments with complete privacy both online and by 'phone.  You will immediately receive another email where you will find the booking confirmation, an emergency number to call in case of delays or flight cancellations, a summary of the reservation and directions on how to reach the meeting point with your driver.  The balance payable will be settled directly with the driver on the day of the transfer.  It is important to read all the details contaned in the confirmation email in order to ensure that all the information has been registered correctly.  If you need to make any changes to the booking, you simply need to complete the following form: "Change of Booking." 

What happens if the flight is delayed? 

If your flight is delayed, there's no need to worry.  You just need to send an SMS message to the emergency number in order to advise the driver and he will await your arrival without any problems.  You will find the emergency number in your email confirmation of the booking where we have also listed all the booking details and the location of the agreed meeting point.   

Timetables and Costs 

The shuttle service is available every working day as well as on public holidays from 05:00 in the morning until 21:00 at night.  The service undertakes all transfers including those of single passengers without any changes to the cost.  A fixed price means exactly that: a guaranteed airport transfer and a fixed price regardless of the trafffic or the condition of the roads.  In order to check the cost, just fill in the form that is attached to this page. If you are travelling with your family you will really make a saving:  because, the more people who are travelling with you, the greater the saving per person.  

  Product code: SHT-OP;

  Available every day from 05:00 to 21:30.

from 9€