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Reus airport taxi

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Reus airport taxi

Taxileader. net proposes an alternative but equally fascinating ruote to Spain, Catalonia, and more precisely Barcelona: travelling to the aiport of Reus, catalan city of about 100 million inhabitants situated about 100 km's south west of Barcelona.

The website gives anyone who wishes to arrive in the catalan capital via an alternative journey the opportunity to do so, providing customers with a fantastic itinerary which runs along the sunny roads that look out onto the Mediterranean sea and lead straight to Barcelona. Reus is also famous for being Antonio Guadi's birthplace.

Your journey will start at the airport where airplanes from all around Europe arrive, in 2009 the number of passengers reached 1 million and 700 thousand. The aiport is about 3 km's east of Reus. provides the customers with the "Taxi Reus Barcelona" package which features personalised services.

The customer, through the booking form can decide between the various options available and choose the type of car, the size (sometimes its even possible to pick a colour!) and the time in which they wish to be picked up. Nowdays, arriving in a foreign airport isn't exactly relaxing especially for anyone who wishes to enjoy a stress free holiday. If the customer doesn't know the country or the language it can be harder as they may end up having to deal with unreliable individuals, un licensed taxi drivers, or even worse, packed public transport.

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Reus transfers

Furthermore, relying on these ways of getting around may mean getting further away from the destination other than getting closer, and also wasting time and money. In the best of cases the tourist would end up having to share a taxi with strangers. The Reus Barcelona taxi service wishes to avoid all these inconviniences by trying to make the journey to and from the airport the least of the tourist's problems.

The first advantage will be that of being picked up from inside the airport by the driver with a private car only for you and for whoever is coming with you, and then you will go straight to your chosen destination. In this case the transfer will become a tour as you travel via the spectacular Mediterranean motorway, that runs alongside the eastern coasts of Catalonia for 100 km's, passing through natural reservoirs such as Tamarit Punta de la Mora and Desembocadura del Riu Gaia and breathtaking landscapes that eventually will lead you to the splendid city of Barcelona.

You will be taken directly and stress free to your chosen destination.No more tugging luggage, no more upset children, no more waiting for a taxi. Everything is easy, fast, personalised and economic.


Customer Service Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm (GMT) 0044 (0) 20 3239 1595.