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Weeze Airport Taxi

Taxi and Minivan service from and to Weeze airport

Weeze Airport Taxi

Taxileader.net decided to create the service Taxi Weeze, not because of the size of this airport but for the geographical and strategic position of it. Weeze is in the heart of Europe, from here one can easily reach all the most important continental destinations.

Weeze Airport, also called Dusseldorf-Weeze, is in Germany, in the area of North Rhine on the border with the Netherlands (less than 47 km as the crow flies). Weeze airport is less than 50 km from Duisburg, about 57 km from Dusseldorf, 80 km from Dortmund, just 45 km from Eindhoven, and 120 km from Amsterdam. Thanks to its central geographic location and low cost fares offered by many low-cost airlines, Weeze airport is able to meet the logistical and economic needs of millions of passengers across Europe. When you choose Weeze Airport you save money, but also you get a wide range of destinations to choose from.

This airport was built in 1954 by the British as a military base for their military fighter planes like the Tornado bombers. Everything changed with the fall of the Berlin Wall. They soon realized the strategic and commercial importance that this airport could have had in the future, because of its proximity to every major destination in Europe, in the early nineties it became a civil airport. In a few years it went from less than one million passengers to nearly 4.5 million in 2012. An important number when you consider its size and its location around the small community of Weeze (10,000 inhabitants). In order to get to the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven many people today prefer using this airport because of its low fares.

What was missing was a taxi service,which could provide a convenient, cheap transfer, to get people to all those places without worries or unexpected problems. Weeze Taxi service provided by Taxileader.net filled this gap in the market, allowing anyone to book a personalized taxi service with chauffeur. When you choose Weeze taxi service, you spend less money, than public transport, avoiding the risk of getting lost or wasting precious time.

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Weeze taxi service

In short, it takes very little to turn a much needed vacation into a nightmare! think about all the racing around, trains or buses to get and change. The luggage to carry or the children to deal with. Taxileader.net provides a virtually customized service with a car and a expert driver.

The driver of your choice will collect you directly at the airport gate with a placard with your name. Once everything and everybody has been settled, you will be driven through the amazing green hills of North Rhine, along vast fields covered with flowers and windmills in Netherlands and on until you reach your destination. It is not impossible to travel in good comfort, at a low cost and above all "avoiding stress"!


Customer Service Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm (GMT) 0044 (0) 20 3239 1595.

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